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 Photographing high-speed martial arts breaking and combat techniques has been an obsession of mine for many years.
 So much so, that I have dedicated a gallery to this difficult to photograph subject.
 This link takes you to Master Neale Hardy’s   (5th  Dan Pai Lum) Pai Lum Kung Fu site.
 Several of my photos are used on this site.

Yes, you guessed right, this is another site of mine .It features other professional photography services I offer.
 Such as memory card recovery /DVD video editing and transfers and portrait and fashion photography.

If want a really good DJ for your Wedding then call Dean on 0414 626 132 or  62940465 .
I have worked with him and found him to be a excellent mobile music man.


My Videos up on YouTube some have been watched in excess of 400,000 times .
Mostly Kung Fu Demos. Take a look and increase my views please.